Elementor is a very good aid towards complete solution for creating websites easily.

Elementor is based on Google Cloud Platform trusted by top -tier companies for world class security and reliability.

CDN By Cloud flare

You will have your Own Hosted Delivery Network by Cloudflare using distributed servers, so visitors are automatically directed to the closest server.

Custom Domain Connection

You’re in total control of your domain. Connect your custom domain, set it as primary and associate your Elementor Website to your brand.

Create your best Website and don’t worry or sweat about the technical stuff.

Get everything you need, all in one place, Hosting, WordPress, pre-installed, a world-class secure platform, and all the Elementor pro web-creation tools you need for complete design freedom, they have got you covered.

Meet Your Management Dashboard

Take complete control of everything associated with your website from one environment.

With the “MyElementor” dashboard you can perform numerous actions including connecting your domain, running backups/restore and more.

Grow Your Business With Cloudflare

100 GB bandwith for a top site experience

20K monthly unique visitors, ready for your traffic.

20 GB of storage for all your content and assets.

SECURITY: Convert or Trusted Protection

a. SSL Certificate,

Bundled with industrial trusted SSL from Cloudflare, install your own certificate if ever req1uire.

b. Daily Backups

Automate backup performed every 24 hours. Run manual backups as often as you like.

c. Site Lock

A work in-progress website can be kept private, until it is unlocked for viewing with passcode.

Keep Your WordPress Plugin-no fuss, no mess

Elementor is fully compatible with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast, WordFence, Smush, ACF and More.

Advantages Of Elementor


Turn your design visions into professional websites


Accelerate and innovate your website developments


Make your business shine online and grow your audience.


Create and publish all your marketing content code-free.


Realize your clients websites and speed up your workflow.


Find out how elementor can be right for you

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